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I finally decided to set up my own server and I’ve registered my own domain name! Now I can do a lot more stuff with my blog! Please update your bookmarks and subscriptions.

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Sorry for my English speaking readers, but this will be only in Japanese. I wanted to write about information of Norway since I just moved here. I will post a lot of pictures as well, so you can enjoy reading (seeing) it even though you cannot read Japanese.

Thank you!


Le Cartet

It’s brunch time!!

We found another nice brunch place in the Old Montreal area. Le Cartet is not only a restaurant; they also sell jams, chocolates, cakes, coffee, tea, salads, etc… so many thing you can buy there. Colorful jars of jam and chocolate makes the restaurant look so cute!

All meals on the brunch menu come with a small cake, fresh orage juice and coffee. I like that! I ordered “Brunch de l’Atlantique” (top left pic), and my boyfriend ordered “Brunch des Cantons” (bottom right pic). If you like salmon, you will love Brunch de l’Atlantique! You’ll get a bagel with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs with salmon in it and deep fried cakes of potato and crushed salmon. It was really good!

It’s a really casual place and it can be bit noisy because it’s really popular. We had to wait 20 min to get a table. They don’t take reservations on weekends. But who cares about the time on weekends!? Take your time and enjoy the food!

Le Cartet
106 McGill Montreal
-Opening Hours-
Mon to Fri : 7:00 to 19:00
Sat and Sun : 9:00 to 16:00

Tel : (514) 871-8887

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